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Freakin’ Fantastically Fun Friday!

February 26, 2010 2 comments

Or as I like to call it, “FFFF.” Much to the discontent of anybody within range of my spit.

So, my very dear and amazingly awesome friend Erin (visit her blog here) was sweet enough to include me in a post concerning her favorite blogs that she enjoys visiting, so I figured I should probably cook up a nice little post. Had some fun stuff happen in the past couple weeks, so here’s a rapid fire update for you, starting with something incredibly exciting.

I got a haircut.

Okay, okay, I’m sorry.

I grilled a heart-shaped ribeye for Jenn and me on Valentine’s Day.

I used a new seasoning on it that I hadn’t used before, much to the delight of my easily amused palate. Jenn loved it, too. She cooked a mean pot roast that day for lunch. Our V-Day gift to each other was to stay at home and cook for each other. Best V-Day ever, seriously.

It snowed shortly before V-Day.

Just a little.

Some jerk kids knocked over our snowman. Here’s a dramatic reenactment of the discovery from after our second snowman fell over on its own…

Also, here’s Maddie catching a snowball.

Words With Friends is awesome. Here’s a screencap of the most epic opening word I’ve ever started a game with.

You can see my username on there, so feel free to challenge me. It’s a fun little diversion when I have some downtime at work.

I found this really awesome artist who makes some killer poster art based on favorite comic book characters. Here are two of my favorites, Green Lantern and Iron Man.

I especially love that GL poster. I mean, GL’s my favorite in general, but that’s just cool in its simplicity. Wish I had it framed for my nonexistent man cave. Heck, might as well throw in that Iron Man poster, too, if we’re talking nonexistent things. 🙂

Let’s see, what else? School’s going okay, graduation’s getting closer and closer. Work’s going fine, even though I’m beyond ready to move up into the world of teaching.

Jenn and I doing marvelously. We had our first premarital counseling session with our pastor and his wife last Sunday, and we’ll do our second/last one this Sunday. Planning the wedding and the honeymoon have really brought us together as a team more than ever before, and it makes me all the more excited to tackle life together with her.

Speaking of the honeymoon, I’ve been using Yelp and this excellent book to assemble a “bucket list” of sorts of restaurants and other stuff we have to check out while we’re in Kauai. It’s turning into quite a list, and I’m having a blast compiling all this info. There’s so much to do during the week that we’ll be there, and we’re so freakin’ excited about it. 🙂

Guess that’s about it for now. I hope you have a blessed and FFFF.

Excuse me, I need to get a paper towel.


I’ve been here before, and here I am again…

August 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Listening to Rush of Fools perform live on K-LOVE right now via iTunes. Pretty nice.

So I had to go on a headphone-hunting adventure this morning. Allegedly, we have 30 headphones for each of my four computer labs. That being said, I have never seen 30 headphones in ANY of my four computer labs. In fact, the one time I actually have a teacher request headphones for the lab she was using with her class (literally, this is the first time since I’ve started working here last year), said lab had no more than 9 functioning sets. AUGH. So I had to go scrounge up headphones from the other labs. I took every single set and put them in one box, and they’re all staying together like that for the rest of the year, unless another teacher requests them. We’ve had way too many walk away under mysterious circumstances, and I’m not gonna let it happen anymore.

That sounded entirely too passionate and resolute for a rant about… headphones.

Anyway, other than the Grand Headphone Quest (GHQ, if you will), things have been pretty quiet this morning. I’ve been watching the radar for rain– which, Praise God, we’re finally seeing. I’m hoping before too long, we’ll start to see some more colors on the radar besides green and greener. There’s a little yellow off to the west, which could be a good sign.

Ever wondered what someone from, like, the 1920s would think if they saw our weather radar technology today (nevermind all the other crazy crap we have that would prob’ly scare the 23-skidoo’s out of them)? I mean, they hear we have a Severe Thunderstorm Warning, look on TV, and HOLY SMOKES THERE’S POISON GAS AND POSSIBLY LAVA FLOATING OVER US.

Man, I gotta get out more.

Anyway, I’m getting a haircut this afternoon. Just so you know.


A view from my office.

A view from my "office."