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Freakin’ Fantastically Fun Friday!

February 26, 2010 2 comments

Or as I like to call it, “FFFF.” Much to the discontent of anybody within range of my spit.

So, my very dear and amazingly awesome friend Erin (visit her blog here) was sweet enough to include me in a post concerning her favorite blogs that she enjoys visiting, so I figured I should probably cook up a nice little post. Had some fun stuff happen in the past couple weeks, so here’s a rapid fire update for you, starting with something incredibly exciting.

I got a haircut.

Okay, okay, I’m sorry.

I grilled a heart-shaped ribeye for Jenn and me on Valentine’s Day.

I used a new seasoning on it that I hadn’t used before, much to the delight of my easily amused palate. Jenn loved it, too. She cooked a mean pot roast that day for lunch. Our V-Day gift to each other was to stay at home and cook for each other. Best V-Day ever, seriously.

It snowed shortly before V-Day.

Just a little.

Some jerk kids knocked over our snowman. Here’s a dramatic reenactment of the discovery from after our second snowman fell over on its own…

Also, here’s Maddie catching a snowball.

Words With Friends is awesome. Here’s a screencap of the most epic opening word I’ve ever started a game with.

You can see my username on there, so feel free to challenge me. It’s a fun little diversion when I have some downtime at work.

I found this really awesome artist who makes some killer poster art based on favorite comic book characters. Here are two of my favorites, Green Lantern and Iron Man.

I especially love that GL poster. I mean, GL’s my favorite in general, but that’s just cool in its simplicity. Wish I had it framed for my nonexistent man cave. Heck, might as well throw in that Iron Man poster, too, if we’re talking nonexistent things. 🙂

Let’s see, what else? School’s going okay, graduation’s getting closer and closer. Work’s going fine, even though I’m beyond ready to move up into the world of teaching.

Jenn and I doing marvelously. We had our first premarital counseling session with our pastor and his wife last Sunday, and we’ll do our second/last one this Sunday. Planning the wedding and the honeymoon have really brought us together as a team more than ever before, and it makes me all the more excited to tackle life together with her.

Speaking of the honeymoon, I’ve been using Yelp and this excellent book to assemble a “bucket list” of sorts of restaurants and other stuff we have to check out while we’re in Kauai. It’s turning into quite a list, and I’m having a blast compiling all this info. There’s so much to do during the week that we’ll be there, and we’re so freakin’ excited about it. 🙂

Guess that’s about it for now. I hope you have a blessed and FFFF.

Excuse me, I need to get a paper towel.


Hawaii, here we come!

November 23, 2009 Leave a comment

So on Friday night, Jenn and I went with my folks to see the travel agent, and we are now officially going to Kauai, HI, for our honeymoon! A week of fun in the sun, baby! WOO-HOO!

Jenn and I are just beside ourselves now that the plans are set in stone. Reading the brochures and talking about what all we’re going to do on the trip has just made us all sorts of giddy. And the wedding is still a little over six months away! LOL!


November 20, 2009 Leave a comment

It could only be Friday.

I have a new theory about morning traffic around my place of employment. I’m calling it Big C’s Theory of Student/Rain Relationships:

“On any given day, the length of the tardy lines outside the Assistant Principals’ offices is directly proportionate to how much it’s been raining that morning.”

Seriously, friend, you can put money on that. It’s absolutely absurd how late the students are when there’s rain coming down. And apparently, I had the blessed luck of being behind most of these kids on the road this morning. As a result, I was a couple of minutes late. Lame.

Anyway, TGIF. I’m going to get my hurah cut after school, then Jenn and I are meeting my dad at his travel agent’s office so we can figure out our honeymoon to Hawaii. To say we’re excited is a bit of an understatement. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

“Beautiful day for a wedding!”

September 28, 2009 1 comment

Those were the first words out of Troll’s mouth when I picked him up on Saturday. How great is that?

Despite all the drama leading up to it, the wedding was awesome. I was with Matt every step of the way, and never once did I see a flicker of doubt cross his face. In the eleven years I’ve known him, this truly was the happiest I’ve ever seen him. Dude was lookin’ sharp in his suit, and Laura looked fantastic in her dress. Jenn couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful she looked in it… and if Jenn says the wedding dress looks good, then that means Laura did REALLY good! LOL! Laura was so funny after the ceremony. While we were all waiting in the bridal suite to be introduced at the reception, she was twirling around in place. Everyone was like “Aww, how cute.” She was really just trying to get some air under the dress so she could cool off. HAH. And really, that’s how the entire evening was. Matt and Laura were both hilarious. I can’t tell you how many times I was watching them when they thought no one was, and they shared a brief little “I love you” moment. They were so sweet to each other all night.

Hands down, the best part was when Laura surprised Matt with his groom’s cake. The big gag was that EVERYONE but Matt knew what the groom’s cake was. She even showed it to me right before the big unveiling, and I totally had to high-five her. For those of you who don’t know Matt, he has an unnatural obsession with “The Simpsons.” The dude loves that show to a ridiculous degree. Well, Laura did good, to say the least. She got Matt a groom’s cake that was a giant pink sprinkled donut, with Homer Simpson laying on top of it. I swear, Matt jumped out of his suit when he saw it. You could hear his “YESSS!!!!!!!!!” clear across town. It was greatness! He was so incredibly happy. I can’t tell you how many times I heard him say, “Best day of my life… so far!” throughout the day.

Something else I noticed was how great Laura’s family was with Matt. Matt has a pretty small family, and I think he was really excited to marry into such a big family. I watched in-law after in-law come up to Matt, give him a huge hug and welcome him to the family. The look on his face said to me that he had a feeling of acceptance that he’s never felt in his life. And I can’t tell you how happy I am for him to finally get to feel that. And Laura’s brother… oh man, is he a trip. His name is Matt, too, and the boy was huggin’ on Matt ALL night. They were calling each other brother left and right, and it was classic. Absolutely fantastic.

To finish off the night, Matt and Laura invited family and friends to come hang out in their hotel room for the evening. Now granted, I know that sounds awkward as heck. And up until Saturday night, I thought it was a terrible idea. After all, they just got married. WHY would you want to use the hotel room that night for anything other than… well, you know?

But I got to thinking throughout the evening about how Matt thrives in the thick of the party. He’s always loved having his friends over to hang out. When we shared an apartment a few years back, there were MAYBE one or two nights a week where we didn’t have anyone over to hang out with us. So if he and Laura want to be with their loved ones a little while longer, not wanting the night to end just because they have to leave the reception hall at 8 PM… well, who are we to tell them how they should do it?

So yep, we decided at the last minute that we went to hang out with them in the hotel room. Jenn, Misty, Daniel, Allen, and I all went over there and hung out with them for a couple hours. Laura’s family came over for a bit, too. There was lots of drinking, laughing, throwing stuff, and fireworks! And you know what? Yes, it was a little awkward. I am one conservative son of a gun, and I’m a big believer in sticking to tradition for events such as weddings. But Matt’s been one of my best friends for eleven years, and I’m not gonna back out on him just because he and his wife want to get a little goofy with their day. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little for the happiness of the ones you care about. And I have no regrets whatsoever. 🙂

Matt told me that he and Laura, in an effort to save money, are staying home for their honeymoon. They’ve both taken a week off of work, and they’re going to spend time going to see movies, hanging out at Six Flags, spending quality time together, and whatever else they feel like doing. I thought that was a great idea, and I’m proud of them for doing that. I’ve been praying for them ever since I first started hearing about “the drama,” and I’m continuing to do so. I wish nothing but the best for them, and I hope everything works out for them in their new life together.

*whew* Man, got a little long-winded there, didn’t I?

Anyhoo, that wasn’t the only big deal this weekend. Yesterday, our church voted in our new music minister! Joel (pronounced Jo-el) Salazar comes to us after 19 years leading worship at Central Baptist in Livingston. He and his wife have two daughters and a son, all of whom are amazing musicians. Their 18 year old daughter plays the violin (VERY well), so woo-hoo, I’m no longer the only string in the band! Joel seems very down-to-earth and genuine, as does the rest of his family, so I’m very excited about him officially starting on November 1st!


Allen eating a Texas Burrito at Montereys yesterday.  NOMZ.

Allen eating a Texas Burrito at Monterey's yesterday. NOMZ.

My eyes hurt.

July 29, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s one of those days where my eyes just don’t want to work. It’s also one of those days where I really wish I didn’t have to wear glasses… Which is kinda every day, now that I think about it. Friend of mine just got Lasik surgery the other day, so I’ve been wondering about how much my insurance would cover if I decided to get that done myself. I really wish I could get it done before the wedding, but I’m not sure how likely that is. It’d just be cool to not have to worry about my glasses during the honeymoon, y’know? That, and I really want to get some custom-made Oakleys for me and Jenn to wear during the honeymoon. Check out these bad boys that I made:

Big C style, baby.

Big C style, baby.

That’s not the final design, but it’s pretty close. Slick stuff, huh?

Speaking of the wedding, I’m meeting Jenn at the Sheraton Hotel right after class this afternoon. We’re meeting with the lady there who’s helping us put together our wedding reception, and we’ll be looking at table linens and stuff. Should be fun. If anything, it’s one step closer to us finally getting married, so WOOT. 🙂

The past couple of weeks have been really rough when it comes to dealing with the big-headed dork in my American Political Parties class. The guy is way too outspoken for his own good, and I have a feeling it’s gonna come back and bite him in the butt one of these days. Regardless, it’s certainly been a tremendous opportunity for me to seek new levels of patience that I’ve never achieved before. I’m almost 100% certain that I’m the only guy in here with conservative Christian values, so it’s been quite an ordeal getting through this class every morning. Not really how I like to start my day, of course, but I gotta get it done. And I only have to deal with this for a couple more weeks, so I just keep reminding myself of that. Then I get a couple weeks of free time before I dive head-first into the Fall semester.

Should be getting my Green Lantern: First Flight DVD in the mail today. I was hoping to get it yesterday (seeing as how it came out in stores yesterday), but the post office seems to have epic-fail’d yet again. Oh well, it should be worth the wait. I’ve heard that if the live action Ryan-Reynolds-as-Hal-Jordan movie is half as good as this animated flick, it will be quite the win for DC Comics. Can’t wait. 🙂

BTW, Green Lantern #44 and Tales of the Corps #2 were both brilliant last week. Make sure you go pick them up if you’re interested, it’s worth it.