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Coming January 31st…

January 15, 2010 Leave a comment

If you’re anywhere in the D/FW area, come join us at First Baptist Grand Prairie on the night of Sunday, January 31st. We are starting a new monthly contemporary service, and we’d love to see you!



June 1, 2009 4 comments

Man, what a weekend!

I turned 27 yesterday. That’s a weird number to say, y’know? Not because I feel like it sounds old or anything, but it’s just such a weird number. I felt the same way when I turned 26. I don’t see myself feeling this way when I turn 30. It rolls off the tongue better than 27.

Anyway, yep, awesome weekend. Saturday night, we had a big ol’ bash at BJ’s. Lots of family and friends showed up, and it was a rollicking good time. Oh yes, I used “rollicking.” Eat that. But yeah, freakin’ great time. Had some great laughs and got to spend time with some friends that I definitely don’t get to spend enough time with in this crazy, mixed-up world. Good food, too. I had the BJ’s Favorite pizza. Sucker’s loaded, just the ways I likes it. Got some of their nachos too, which are just heavenly. Erin and Jana got their pizzas late. I don’t know if they got eaten en route to the table, or if they forgot to make them, or what, but that just wasn’t cool. But they got comp’d’d’d, so that worked out nicely. The waiter was a pretty cool guy. He defied his manager by leaving the carafe of Dr. Pepper on the table for us. Livin’ on the edge there, friends. Also, he brought me a free Pizookie for my birthday, which is this tremendously evil deep-dish chocolate chip cookie smothered in vanilla ice cream. It was one heckuva treat.

I must say, though, he did a couple of things that got on my nerves. The guy was seriously tweaked up on something. Pretty sure it was Red Bull. I mean, he practically THREW our appetizer plates down in front of all of us, because he was in such a hurry. And he kept standing over (I mean, OVER) Erin and/or Samantha while talking to everyone, which was really pretty creepy. Then, when he was collecting our checks, he asked Jana how much change she wanted back. Call me crazy, but that is INCREDIBLY unprofessional. I told Jana the next time a waiter asks her that, she should say, “ALL OF IT.” That wasn’t the only incident. My dear sweet friend Kim, the special ed. nurse at my old job, was relaxing and enjoying herself while talking it up with some other folks at the table. The waiter was sitting there being friendly with everyone, and he suddenly looks at her and asked her if she can finish writing her check, so he can go home. What the heck!? That’s just not right, my friend. There’s a fine line between outgoing and pushy, and he totally obliterated that line. Not cool. Don’t mess with my friends like that.

But I digress. It was a freakin’ blastie blast. Those of you who came, thank you so much! I had such a wonderful time, and my babygirl did so good getting it all put together. I have the most awesome fiancé in the world. 🙂 She got me a pretty sweet batch of goodies. Got a new shirt, which I’m always in need of, along with a LEGO set that I’ve wanted for a very long time, the Benjamin Button DVD, a very slick Texas Rangers hat, and the comic book adaptation of the new Transformers movie. My sweetie knows what I like, that’s for sure! I also got some cash from my future in-laws, which was very sweet.

Sunday night, we hung out with my family for my “real” birthday. Had some good pizza and had our first swim in the pool for this year. The water was just the right amount of cold to be refreshing, and it felt great to take a dip. After dinner, we had some REALLY good cake and ice cream, and Mom and Dad got me a card with a couple of $25 gift cards to Olive Garden and AMC Theatres in it, which will definitely come in handy. 🙂

Overall, it was an absolutely awesome weekend. I’m so grateful for all my awesome friends and family, and especially Jenn. It was certainly a birthday to remember.

Now for some bad news… or awesome news, depending on how you feel. LOL This will be my last PBSoD until August, because my coworker isn’t going to let me check out this iMac for the summer. So I’ll still be blogging as much as possible throughout the summer, but the Photo Booth antics will be put on hold for the next couple of months.

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