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Frahdy, what are you doing to me?

Srsly dood, shouldn’t be this busy today. I’ve had to work on at least seven laptops this morning. Three had to be reimaged, one had a broken keyboard, and one had a dead motherboard. Those last two I couldn’t fix, so I have to get the tech specialist to come out here and fix ’em for me. Guh.

Anyway, things have calmed down a little now, so I’m enjoying a nice sit. Yay sitting.

Hah, check out this picture. Doesn’t it look like I have long black hair in it?

Isn’t that funny? It’s just a pillow, but I look, like, Greek or something. LOL

Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. November 13, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    hey! do you work on macs? Garrison, silly Garrison, his macbook is all kinds of messed up. He can’t turn it off without it taking like 20 minutes to turn back on. I told him my cousin fixes them and makes a second salary off of that, but he’s made no effort to take it to him to fix it. I figure since ya’ll are friends maybe he’d be more likely to let you fix it!!!??? ok, thanks. 🙂

    happy friday! WEEKEND!

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