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Destroyer of Midterms.

Hey, Midterms. See this?

Think you can handle this? I DIDN’T THINK SO.

Yes, it’s that time again. Miiiidterrrrms. I’m actually almost done with them for the week. My midterm project in Business Communications was last night, which was an 8-minute long informative speech on career paths for a History Major. I think I got through that pretty dang good. Then I had my Pirates of the Caribbean midterm, which wasn’t too bad. 40 multiple choice and 10 matching questions, followed by an essay that we could choose from a list of 4 or 5 different prompts. I wrote on possible significant turning points in the history of piracy. Seemed pretty easy, I just had to do a LOT of writing to make my points sound good. Hopefully he’ll like it enough to give me a good grade.

Tonight is the midterm I’m not really looking forward to. History of the Renaissance is a pretty nice class, but the teacher is really big on NAMES. LOTS AND LOTS OF NAMES. And they’re aaaaaall Italian names. And nothing against the Italians, but so many of their names sound WAY too similar to each other. It all runs together way too easily. I had this teacher for History of the Reformation last Spring, so I know what to expect. But it’s still a pretty difficult format. There will be multiple choice questions. But not your average multiple choice. No, we’re talking questions where three out of the four choices COULD be the answer, but only one is THE answer. And most of them WILL be that way. She’s good about throwing in a few gimme’s, but the vast majority makes you sit there and bang your head on the desk.

Then there’s the ID questions. She gives us a review sheet ahead of time that has a list of, like, twelve names on it. We’re supposed to know who these people are, and be able to write two or three sentences about each one. She picks six of those names to put on the test, so you literally have to know all twelve if you want to do well. And then there are the essays. Yes, plural. One essay of our choice from the prompts listed, and then one essay that we all have to do on one specific prompt.

So yeah, overkill much? I’m gonna be so fried when I get home tonight. But, on the bright side, I’ll just have regular classes for the rest of the week. My Archaeology midterm is next week… I think? And my Criminal Justice midterm isn’t until the first week of November. So that’ll give me some breathing room and a good chance to study for those separately.

Speaking of studying, I should probably pull out my Renaissance text and do some studying while I have some free time. So I’ll wrap it up for now. Oh, and iPSotD isn’t going to be quite as frequent for now, because quite frankly, I’m running out of ideas. LOL But I’ll make sure to post ’em when I get inspired, even if they have to be their own separate entry.

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