<3 Friday.

Oh Friday, how I love you.

Today’s been better than yesterday for the most part. I did have to report a couple of stolen mice from one of my labs, which sucked. But we’ll get replacements for them eventually. Also, I got to scan security camera tapes while ago, which was kinda fun (even though we didn’t find anything). Other than that, it’s been an okay morning. Even the rude person from yesterday is in a slightly better mood today.

After school, Jenn and I are gonna head straight to Target and work on our registry there. That’s gonna be a fun one, can’t wait to see what we can find there. 🙂 Then we’re going to Dave & Buster’s after that to celebrate our friend Scottie’s birthday. We’re not going to spend any money playing games, but we’re at least going to eat and hang out. I did just find a D&B Power Card in my wallet, so maybe we’ll be able to play some games, at least.

Tomorrow, we’re going to the State Fair, aka Frah’d Saturday! Can’t wait to try the new goodies this year. The one I’m most excited about is the Green Goblin, but I’m also looking forward to trying the fried butter and the fried peaches ‘n cream. And of course, Jenn and I must get our Fletcher’s cornydawgs. I can taste the mustard-covered goodness already. Mmmmmm. Also, this year, we’re going to take the DART there instead of driving. We’re betting that since it’s Texas/OU weekend, taking DART will be a whole lot easier than attempting to find parking out there. We’ve gone on Texas/OU weekend before, and while it is indeed as chaotic as it sounds, it’s also a whole lot of fun to see all the orange and crimson filling up the Fair and the Cotton Bowl. Fun thing to do: Ride the Skyway during the game. The view you get of the inside of the Cotton Bowl is freakin’ AWESOME:

State Fair 2007

State Fair 2007

I was actually contacted one time by Wikipedia to use that picture for an article. I think it was an article on the history of the Red River Rivalry, but it doesn’t look like it’s there anymore. Makes sense, they definitely found some better pictures. Haha!

After all that’s over with, we’ve got church on Sunday morning. We were supposed to be having a huge service under a tent on the land we bought to build our new church on. But apparently, the pastor went out there this week and walked out into the field, and sank about ankle-deep into mud. So it’ll be church as usual (minus Sunday School) this Sunday, and the tent service has been pushed back to November 1st. That’s also the weekend that our new music minister starts, so it should be one freakin’ sweet weekend. The Lord works in mysterious ways. 🙂

Anyway, that’s about all for now. Don’t forget to check out the For Sale section, still got lots of toys available. Have a great weekend, friend!


XKCD.  Making my job a little easier.  Haha!

XKCD. Making my job a little easier. Haha!

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