I’ve got the blahs again today. I guess it’s the weather. I’m also irritated about a couple of things. This guy who is a specialist for a system we use in two of my labs was supposed to be here about two hours ago to help me fix said system that has been down for almost two weeks now. Yeah, he has yet to show up. I’ve been a tad under the gun to get this stupid thing fixed, so I don’t like having to wait on this guy to get around to showing up. Aggravating.

I’m also irritated because I still haven’t sorted out the situation for next semester. I know I still have two weeks to figure it out, so I don’t know why this is bothering me so much. This is the earliest I’ve ever even looked at classes before a semester, so I guess it kinda has to do with that. I’m used to figuring it all out at the same time, at the last minute. Not used to having time and spacing it all out. Heh.

Anyway, I know it’ll be all right. Guess I’m just being cranky still. Jenn said I was last night when we were eating dinner, and I didn’t think I was. It’s been nearly three years, I really should start agreeing with her when she says that. She tends to know me better than I know myself. She’s awesome like that. 🙂

She’s been fighting getting sick the past few days. She’s got a sore throat mainly. I really hope she doesn’t end up with swine flu. It may end up being something else entirely, there’s so many different bugs going around right now. Whatever it is, I don’t want her to have it. Bad bug, shoo.

I’ve been feeling kinda cruddy, too. Sinuses have been bothering me a lot, and I feel a lot of drainage building up. Not really a fan of that, especially when the buildup gets in my throat and starts getting all tickly. I’m hoping my yummy ramen noodlez will help make me feel better when I go to lunch here in a few.

I just sat here and closed my eyes for a few seconds so I could collect my thoughts. I felt myself drifting off. That’s definitely a sign that I’m feeling just awesome. Hah!

I hate that the weather is messing with me so much. It’s really weird, because when I’m outside walking in it, I feel great! It’s so refreshing to have cool and cloudy weather, especially when hiking around the UTA campus. But once I sit down inside or whatever, I start feeling crappy. Can’t stand it.

Two tests tonight. One in Criminal Justice, one in History of the Renaissance. Shouldn’t be too bad, just need to make sure to look at stuff beforehand.

I just got the call that the guy is finally here. Great timing, I was about to go to lunch. Yaaay.




  1. October 6, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    Garrison and I have been together for almost 5 years now, and if he tells me I’m being negative or whinny, I still don’t believe him. I usually just do it more. 🙂

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