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Gooooin’ to da chap-pel…

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Welp, here we go…

In case you can’t tell by my faux-panicked facial expression, my suit for Troll’s wedding didn’t QUITE fit. It was kind weird, because while the shirt fit just fine, the vest was too tight. Bizarre, huh? Anyway, the lady said the vest would be ready by 5:00 today… which is exactly 25 hours before the wedding takes place. How’s that for cutting it close? Not really hip on that, personally. Jenn and I (and most people) agree, the attire for my groomsmen and myself will be ready LONG before our wedding. Neither one of us want to be stressing out about tuxes the day before we get married. Oh, and I wasn’t the only one who had a problem. The measurements for Troll’s tux? Yeah, they used Garrison’s (the previous BM) measurements. And in case you don’t know Troll or Garrison, Troll is about 5’8″ and Garrison is… oh, what, 6’4″? You can imagine how hilarious that looks, but still, not something they need to be stressing about the day before. I feel bad for Troll and his bride-to-be when I’m not laughing at the situation.

Anyway, tonight’s the rehearsal. The wedding’s taking place at All Occasion Party Place in southern Tarrant County. That’s right, “Occasion,” not “Occasions.” You thought that was a typo? Think again, friend! We just happen to have the most awesomely named party barn in the UNIVERSE!

I digress. I’m just ready to get this done. There’s been entirely too much drama surrounding this wedding, and it’s beyond old. I’m at the point now where if they really are happy to be getting married to each other and spending the rest of their lives together, then I wish nothing but the best for them and pray that it all works out for both of them.

We had our first Refuge Bible Study of the semester last night at Laura’s house. It was GREAT. Kilo did a great job starting us out in 1 Kings, aka the Book of Awesome Names. We’re looking at the life of King Solomon… or rather, THEY’LL be looking at the life of King Solomon. I was able to skip classes last night, but I definitely can’t do it every week. 😦 But maybe I’ll get lucky a few more times this semester, so we’ll see what happens. At any rate, we had a blast reading God’s word, eating baked potatoes, and catching up with some friends we haven’t talked with in a while. I wish we didn’t have to come back to to work today, otherwise we could have stayed longer and made a Whataburger taquito run like we enjoy doing with our friends occasionally. 🙂

Don’t you love making that late-night run to your favorite fast food joint? For me, Whataburger taquitos are at the top of the list. Getting a bag of sausage, egg, and cheese taquitos at 1 in the morning is just nothing but a blastie blast. And make sure you have the picante sauce, too. They just aren’t the same without the picante sauce.

But really, my absolute favorite (and most of you know this already) is Jack in the Box tacos. I mean, holy mackerel, those are the BEST. Something about about the greasycrispychewiness of it all just makes me ever so happy, especially when it’s late at night. I used to get them all the time when I was living on my own at my apartment. Even now, sometimes when Jenn and I are out late, we’ll swing by Jack in the Box for a bag of tacos. And I have to have Sprite with them when it’s late at night. Don’t ask me, because I have no idea. But for some reason, I don’t like drinking Dr. Pepper with my tacos when I’m getting them late, or even for dinner. Now, lunch time? Anytime before dinner? Perfectly okay. But once the sun goes down, I have to have Sprite with my tacos, and I have no idea why.

So what’s your favorite late-night goodness? Do you like to go out and get something like tacos, or is there something you keep stashed away in the cabinet/fridge for such an occasion?


Bless you, my child.

"Bless you, my child."

  1. September 25, 2009 at 11:11 am

    your blogs make me giggle! Garrison would like me to comment on his behalf: The wedding is 23 hours away at the point you’ll be picking up your vest, not 25. 🙂

    I wish I could have seen matt in Garrison’s tux!! have they said anything about him not picking it up?

    • collinharvey
      September 25, 2009 at 12:34 pm

      23, 25, it’s all the same!

      I didn’t hear anything from them when I went (I went by myself). I’m sure Matt prob’ly told them that Garrison wouldn’t be getting his when he went to pick his up.

  2. September 25, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    oh good. I hope they don’t charge Garrison.

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