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They didn’t like me borrowing one of their Silverhawks pictures for my last post, so they changed the picture to the one you see there in the post now. Not really sure why, are they concerned about bandwidth? That doesn’t really make sense, since they’re still using the site’s bandwidth by changing to that picture. Are they being stingy about other sites borrowing pics from their page? If so, they’re silly. It’s just a picture of an action figure. It’s not an amazing piece of Photoshop work or a killer photo that someone took. It’s a picture of an action figure. Lame. But oh well, no harm done.

Heres your sign.

Here's your sign.

Anyway, Troll’s bachelor party went fine on Saturday night. We were about ten minutes late getting in because the manager at Billy Bob’s that Garrison knows took forever to get to the door and let us in. Then he disappeared on us, so we didn’t know where we could go sit. So we stood at one of the eighteen bars one can find in Billy Bob’s, watching from afar until about halfway through the show, when Garrison was finally able to find the guy so he could take us down to the floor. We got settled in at a respectable distance from the stage, so that was pretty sweet. The only dumb part of the night was when I asked the waitress to get Troll a shot that would knock him on his butt. You know what she brought him? A Vegas Bomb. It smelled like coconut and Froot Loops. Honestly, the only thing in it that got Matt all messed up was the Red Bull. LAME.

Oh, and remind me to use cash there from now on. They put $50 on my check card to start my tab, even though the bill was $20 (dummy put a couple of beers on there that I didn’t order, but Troll’s future brother-in-law gave me the cash for them since he ordered them). And since it was done Saturday night, my bank account still says they took $50 from me instead of $20. Granted, the money will go back in, but I still don’t like that. I only gave the lady two bucks for her tip. All of her cash tips were in the checkbook that held my receipt to sign, so I know that she wasn’t exactly hurtin’ that night.

But, I digress, it was still fun. Between Billy Bob’s and going back to Jacob’s house to hang out and watch Tropic Thunder (never seen it btw, AWESOME), Troll got pretty drunk, which is what he wanted out of his bachelor party. He also hinted heavily a while back to Garrison that he wanted strippers, but Garrison and I were like, “Uh, no.” But anyway, good times. Allen and I had to bail at around 2 AM, just because he rode with me and I had to get some rest for church that morning, otherwise we would have stayed and tried to make more of a party of it for him.

Speaking of church, I played a solo for the offertory yesterday. Felt real good getting to bust out and do some glorifyin’, and playing with Gordon was a blast. Also, we found out at the end of the service that the search committee has found a candidate to be our new music minister. He’s going to be leading the service next Sunday, and based on what Jeff (the head of the committee) and Dr. Skaar said, this guy is apparently one awesome dude. So pray for our church and hope for the best. We definitely need it.

iPSotD (taken Saturday, because I felt like it):

My life.... my all!

"My life.... my all!"

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