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Bee happy, pity da foo!

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Occasionally I take a picture that I REALLY like and want to use in my iPSotD. But, usually I already have a picture up for that day.

SO, I am making an executive decision and starting another series on my blog to coincide with iPSotD. Big C’s iPhone Special (I’d abbreviate it to BCiS, buuuuut…..) will showcase my super-favorite pictures that I take occasionally, but can’t put in iPSotD because I already have one for the day. When I have one to show, I’ll post it at the bottom before iPSotD. Or after, because sometimes I’ll probably forget which one I put first.

Is this a little too complex for my simple little blog? Absolutely.

Am I just looking for another excuse to post my iPhone pictures?


Anyway, started something else new today (that actually makes sense). When I went to the doctor yesterday for my semi-annual blood pressure checkup-o-rama, we were reflecting on how much weight I gained over the summer. Or more accurately, she was clucking her tongue and I was lamenting. Anyway, I was telling her how after the crappy summer I had, I’m working on getting back into the flow, with the Lean Cuisines and the water and whatnot. She was very glad to hear about that, but when I mentioned my breakfast habits, she wasn’t very impressed. I was doing Slim Fast for the longest time, but srsly, that stuff doesn’t do jack for me. Which is a shame, because I think I’m one of the few people in the universe that actually likes the taste of the stuff. Regardless, I gave up on that, and I started this school year by eating Jimmy Dean D-Lite breakfast sammiches, featuring egg whites and turkey sausages galore. They’re actually REALLY good, and they did a better job filling me up. But frankly, they weren’t giving me anything in terms of feel-good happy energy. And I think chowing down on that much sodium that early in the morning was making me feel pretty lousy. So, my doctor recommended something amazingly simple:

Well, not exactly Honey Nut Cheerios. That’s just what I picked. But yeah, she recommended just eating cereal for breakfast. She told me that she’s had more and more patients come in that have been losing weight partially because they eat their cereal in the morning.

Now, this is probably a no-brainer for many of y’all, but personally, I’m stumped as to why I never thought of this before. I mean, dude, I am the cereal fiend. I love cereal. I could eat an entire box of Cheerios by the handful in a single sitting. And Lord have mercy, I won’t even get started on the AWESOME breath I get from that. It’s one of those cases where you don’t realize it until the person you’re sitting next to on the couch is like, “Did you just eat a box of rotten wheat?” And I’m like, “YEEEHHHHSSSSS.” And then they pass out and fall off the couch.

So why have I not considered this lately? I guess because I keep thinking of cereal as something that I don’t have time for. I’m always in a rush to get out the door in the morning, especially since I’ve started working at the high school.

That being said, I totally had time to sit down and eat my bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with ice-cold milk for breakfast. It was goooooooood. And maybe it’s psychological, I dunno, but I’m feeling much better this morning than in the past. Things are definitely looking up. The only way it could possibly be better?

Dont be eatin no jibba jabba!

Don't be eatin' no jibba jabba!

Big C’s iPhone Special:




Love so amazing, so divine...

Love so amazing, so divine...

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