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So this weekend was pretty sweet. I attended the 1979-2009 Arlington High School Orchestra Reunion, and boy howdy was it a fun party. Saturday night was quite a shindig at J. Gilligan’s. Ms. Keefer’s daughter, Trisha, performed with her band TUCO, followed by Ms. Keefer’s son, Nathan, performing with The 440 Alliance.

Both bands were excellent, and it was great catching up with some old buds. On Sunday, we all met up at Randol Mill Park for a pic-a-nic. We didn’t stay very long, mainly because it was so flippin’ hot out there. But it was still cool to hang with them for a bit.

So how was your Labor Day? Mine was pretty good. I helped Jenn do a few last minute things in her new classroom. Once we finished up there, we went to Pappasito’s to have lunch with Ms. Keefer and some of my fellow Class of 2000 orch dorks. That was a lot of fun, and I’m hoping we can do it again soon. It was SO awesome catching up with them and having some great laughs.

WOO 2000

WOO 2000

Anyhoo, back to work today. I’ve been thinking a lot about Jenn at her new school today, since today’s her first day with the new class. Been praying for her and hoping that things start off smoothly, or at least get better before too long. She’s excited about getting started, especially now that her room is together. It looks REALLY great in there. More room, more storage cabinets, even a bathroom and two sinks. She’s not sure if she agrees with me, but I think her new room is much nicer than the one at her old school. I think she’ll change her mind before too long. πŸ™‚


First picture taken with the official Flickr app for the iPhone.

First picture taken with the official Flickr app for the iPhone.

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