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Can it be?

Is this for real? Am I actually excited about every single class I have in a semester for the first time EVAR?

Why yes, yes it is!

Holy smokes, friends, this is great news! I have never been in a position where I’ve looked forward to every single class like this. There’s always been that ONE class that’s just a total buzzkill right from the start. But nope, not this time. Every single class has something about it that I’m absolutely lovin’, and I drove home last night with nothing in my mind except how awesome this semester’s going to be.

Archaeology looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. The guy teaching it is a total geek about archaeology, which to me means he’ll do everything he can to make the lectures exciting. Plus, I’ve always thought archaeology was a pretty sweet gig. I think I get that from my dad, since he’s a geologist and really digs that sorta thing. Get it? Dig? O SNAP.

Criminal Justice should be pretty awesome, too. Going into the class, I was a little concerned, because I saw on Rate My Professors that the teacher gives some pretty hard essay tests. But, he told us last night that all the tests in his class this semester will be nothing but multiple choice. Woo-Hoo! Should make life much easier in there. Plus, the teacher has an amazing story. Let me see if I can fit it into as much of a rambling sentence as possible: He has a PhD in History, taught high school and college as a History teacher, has a Master’s in Archiving, worked as an archivist for the University of Arizona, got asked to start a Criminal Justice program, so he went back and got ANOTHER Master’s in that, AND went through the Police Academy at 59 years old to become a cop. He still works as a cop in Keane, even though he’s a full-time professor at UTA and is in charge of a special program in the Criminal Justice department.

How insane is that?

Anyway, he seems like a really nice guy. We had a great chat after class about the historical aspects of Criminal Justice, since I’m the only History Major in his class. Should be fun writing the papers in there!

History of the Renaissance seems like it’ll be a good class, too. I had Dr. Reinhardt for History of the Reformation last Spring, and while her tests were pretty difficult, you end up learning A LOT from her.




  1. Erin
    August 26, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    So basically you have a class that will teach you to be like Indiana Jones, one that will make you ready to be a stand in on CSI and one that will either make you ready to take to the seas or join a gang of two others and start calling yourselves Musketeers…so many job options in your future! You know, in case the whole “teacher” thing doesn’t work out.

  2. collinharvey
    August 26, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    The possibilities are endless, friend!

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