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New Office

Well, to make a big dumb story short, I’ve been asked to move my “office” into one of my computer labs. So it’s kinda like getting my own classroom/office, which is pretty sweet. Of course, I have much more than this lab to take care of, but it’s still kinda fun. 🙂

On the down side, I had to say goodbye to my iMac. It’s needed elsewhere, so I’m stuck using my decent work-issue laptop and the crappy desktop machine here on my desk. Which, in turn, means no more Photo Booth Shot of the Day. 😦

BUT, I’m trying something new. Gonna see how the iPhone Shot of the Day plays out. It won’t be a picture of me every day anymore (though this one is). I’m gonna try and mix it up a little and get creative within the constraints of the iPhone’s camera. It’s actually a pretty decent lens, so we’ll see what I can cook up.

Anyway, yesterday was the first day of school here at work AND at UTA. First day at work went pretty darn well, no hiccups at all. Been a little busier today, but it’s still going swimmingly.

First day at UTA was AWESOME. I had my Business & Professional Communications class (which hereafter shall be simply known as “Speech”) first, and it looks to be a lot of fun. My teacher… I swear, if Sean Connery had an American twin brother, this guy would SO be him. The look, the mannerisms, the voice, the eyebrow raise. TOTALLY SEAN CONNERY. It’s so funny! Makes me look forward to this class even more.

After that, I had my Pirates of the Caribbean class with Doc Sullivan, which so far looks like it will totally justify the excitement that’s been building in me since I first registered for the class earlier this year. Sullivan remembered me from his Colonial America class last Fall, and he is REALLY excited to be teaching this after taking a year off. He’s totally in his element, and I’m pumped about all the stuff I have to do for this class. Arrrr!

iPhone Shot of the Day:



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