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Summer II: Summer’s Revenge

So yesterday was the last day of Summer II (Summer’s Revenge) at UTA. This was, hands down, the roughest school session I’ve ever had. Seriously, that Political Parties class? I am turned off of politics FOREVER. Absolutely ridiculous. I’m not even sure yet if I’ve passed the class, and I hate to say it, but it’s likely I didn’t. This teacher’s tests were just insane. I have never been so stupefied by an essay test. I did the readings, I wrote out my very long answers with references to the readings, and what does he write on them? “Focus on readings.”

Um, wut?

So yeah, it’s very possible that I didn’t pass this class. I’ve already prepared myself for that possibility, and I’m okay with it. It’s just one more (different) class I’ll have to take in the Spring before I graduate. No biggy.

TCC Summer II (Son of Summer’s Revenge) ends tomorrow. Though my hilariously chaotic Architecture class wraps up tonight. Really, HILARIOUSLY chaotic. This final project our teacher has us doing is just that. As a class, we’re supposed to be drawing up this super-elaborate map of Abram Street in Arlington, complete with layers for drainage, wind patterns, foot traffic, vehicular traffic, dinosaurs, ninjas, etc. But, just like every other assignment she’s given us this session, we have absolutely no time to accomplish everything she wants us to do. I mean, really, she decided that she wanted to end the class tonight instead of tomorrow night, yet there’s no way we’re going to get every part of this map completed by the end of class tonight. Where exactly is the logic in that? Totally silly. At any rate, I’ve done my part of the project, so now all I’m doing is sitting back and laughing at the whole situation.

Had a blast this past weekend. Jenn and I went down to Temple to hang out with Angela and the girls. James was at Rock The Desert with some of his youth, but we got to see him for a bit when he got home Sunday night. In the mean time, the rest of us went down to Schlitterbahn on Saturday and had an awesome time. I drove Angela’s minivan, which made me feel super manly. Hehe

But really, we had a wonderful time. Ended up staying much later on Sunday night than we had planned to, just because we didn’t want to leave. Can’t wait until we can hang out with them again!

Guess that’s it for now. Later, friends.

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