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Kangxi was a Chinese ruler.

That’s about how my quiz was just now in World Civ 2. Stimulating, huh?

So, how’s it going? So far so good on my end for summer classes. World Civ 2 is shaping up to be about as I expected: Boring. The teacher uses Powerpoint though, so it’s easier to take note than when I had Dr. Kyle for World Civ 1 last semester. World Music class is pretty fun in general. We’ve been studying the music of Africa so far, so we’ve spent the first 45 minutes of every class playing in a drum circle. Seriously. With drums. African drums. Or djembe, if you will.

Yesterday was kinda weird, though. Dr. Varner apparently noticed how well I was keeping up with a pretty complicated beat while playing one of these guys, so he had me sit in the center of the circle with a dude who was kicking butt on the djembe and had us lead the group. It was pretty fun! But then, we get back to the classroom, and in the middle of lecture, he calls me out because he thinks I’m “checkin’ out Oprah.com” on my laptop (his words, not mine). I had to resist the urge to step up to the front of the classroom with my laptop and shove the notes I was taking in his face. Totally ruined my morning when he did that.

But, I let that go, and afterward I was able to have some nice quality time with Jenn, like I’ve been fortunate to do nearly every day this week. We went for a swim for a second time this week, and the sunburn I got on Monday didn’t really like being out in the heat again. The cold water helped, though.

Oh, Jenn found her wedding dress! She went shopping with her mom, her aunt, Misty, and Misty’s mom on Tuesday, and she found “the one.” She’s going back today to get fitted for it, and it should be ready for her around October or November. That’s about all I can say about it, though, because I’m going out of my way to make sure I don’t know a thing about the dress until I see her walking down the aisle in it. I even asked her to get a new memory card for her camera, exclusively for the pictures she takes of the dress. That way, she can take that card out and put it away when not showing the pictures to someone, so I can use the camera without worrying about accidentally seeing the pictures. 🙂

Tomorrow is mine and Jenn’s -1 anniversary. 1 year until our wedding, WOO! Can’t wait to take her out for some fun. 🙂

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