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Mongols at 8:30

Ahh, World Civ 2.

This class doesn’t seem too bad. The teacher is very lenient about the work to be done in the class. There’s literally… 11 students in here, as opposed to the 30-something we had in World Civ 1 last semester. So she’s had to change up her teaching style to accommodate the smaller group. We’re talking about early Chinese explorers right now, which is pretty sweet. She just showed us a picture of Zheng He’s ship, as compared to Christopher Columbus’s Santa Maria.

Click for big pic.

Click for big pic.

Heh, Columbus had three of those (and the other two were smaller than the Santa Maria) with a crew of maybe 100. Zheng He had, like, 200 or 300 of those beasts, with roughly 30,000 crewmen split among them. Can you imagine how the world would be today if they had decided to conquer instead of explore? Crazy.

Anyway, sorry if this post seems weird. Kinda hard to blog and pay attention in class at the same time. LOL

  1. Daniel Yuhas
    June 5, 2009 at 10:24 am

    That ship is insane.

    I also find it very respectable that they had such resources and used them to explore rather than conquer.

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