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So, WordPress has this handy dandy feature that shows you what people are searching for that have led them to my blog. Number one on the list is “http://bigcharvey.com,” and number two is… “pictures of people who ripped there pants down the middle.”


Anyway, speaking of breaking G-strings, I broke two strings on my cello on Sunday. First one broke before church, but I was able to improvise through the service without it. But then my C-string broke during afternoon practice, which basically means I can’t play 3/4 of the parts given to me. So I had to stop early, which kinda sucked. Well, not really. I was still freakin’ tired from Saturday night.

But anyway, I’ve spent the past couple of days doing a lot of research online and trying to figure out what kinda strings I want to get this time. For those of you who don’t know, there are roughly 18.5 billion different choices when it comes to getting strings for your instrument. Yes, I’m exaggerating. Stop being dense. Anyway, after getting some advice from my cellow fellists (thanks, Mrs. Smith!), I settled on some D’Addario Helicore strings… which I’m sure means absolutely nothing to about 99% of my totally awesome readers. But it’s okay, I still love you! Hey, two of my strings are wrapped in titanium, and two are wrapped in tungsten. That makes it sound cooler, right? RIGHT? 😀

I guess I won’t even mention the totally awesome rosin that I bought, too. *sniff*

Anyhoo, I’m off from work tomorrow. It’s my first day of classes at UTA, so I have to be there for those. I’ll miss the second day of classes so I can be here for work, but then I won’t have to worry about it after that. I really don’t have a whole lot left to do here in terms of wrapping it up for the school year. Inventory was finally turned in yesterday, and most of my mobile labs are already in storage where they won’t melt when the AC gets turned off in most of the building for the summer. I do have one teacher who has three carts checked out until the end of the week, because she’s having her kids take their final online. I really believe that’s a disaster waiting to happen, but more power to her. She’s always been the one throughout the school year to try out tons of different resources that utilize my mobile labs. That’s caused headaches from time to time, since the stuff doesn’t always work, but for the most part it’s been pretty cool. Keeps me busy, at least. 🙂

Oh, I got to help the Special Ed. department here do their big end of the year show. I ran the slide show for Lucy while she sang “You Raise Me Up” along with it, which was really sweet. There were also several groups of kids who did special music performances, like using hand chimes and stuff. There was one young lady who did a Hannah Montana dance with some other girls, and my brother Mark even had his time to shine. He got to play his favorite instrument in the world, the Q-Chord, along with Lucy in a lovely rendition of “America, The Beautiful.” It was awesome.

Photo Booth Shot of the Day:

Sorry, couldn’t resist. 🙂

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