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Nice workout…

Ugh. So, I mention to my coworker that I have a computer that’s on the old inventory list from last year, but not on my new list for this year. He says it’s prob’ly out in the temporary buildings, and while I’m down there, I might as well go ahead and do inventory for the four rooms out there. Part of me is like, “Really? Can’t you just borrow the security guard’s golf cart again, ya lazy bum?” But in the end, I didn’t feel like causing a ruckus about it, so I went ahead and took the inventory sheets out there. There’s supposed to be only, like, two computers in each room anyway. No big deal.

Well, I hiked aaaaall the way across the east parking lot to the temporary buildings, and only one room had a teacher in it. He was able to let me into two of the rooms, but he didn’t have the keys for the other four. So I had to hike aaaaall the way back across to the school, and then track down a security guard and ask her if she has the keys. She then tells me that the only one who has the keys to the temp buildings is the old guy who sits out front of the building in his truck all day*. So then I had to hike aaaall the way up to the front of the parking lot (right next to where I park, I should’ve just left from there), and I asked him if he could get me in. He got this look on his face like I had just COMPLETELY ruined his day, and said that while he’s not sure if he has keys to all the rooms, he’d still meet me out there. So then I hiked aaaaaall the way back across to the temp buildings. On the bright side, he was able to get me into all the rooms. On the down side, I found out that there are at least four computers missing, including the one from my list that Roy swore was out there.

AWESOME. Is this day done yet?

*I should mention that he is a security guard, not just some old guy.
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