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Tireds. I gots ’em.

Man, getting out of school at 10PM is getting old real quick. I’m still exhausted.

The class doesn’t seem like it’ll be that bad, though. The teacher seems real sweet, and the other students look to be a fun bunch. I’ve already found a buddy, this kid from Southlake who’s a sophomore up at the University of Arkansas. We were trading stories about our respective majors (he’s a Bio major), so that was fun. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to stay up until 10:00, since it was the first night of class. But she kept us until roughly five minutes ’til, so that was kind of a bummer. But, on the bright side, it looks like we’ll be switching back and forth a lot between lecture, group work, and watching videos, which means the class tends to go by faster. Wish all my classes were like that!

Funny story: There’s a Math teacher here at Sam who I actually had for an Algebra class at TCC a few semesters back. He’s also a tech trainer for the school, so that means we end up interacting a lot during the work day. Anyway, I was walking down the hall to my classroom last night, and I passed a room that he was teaching in. He saw me and said, “MR. HARVEY!” I was a little thrown off cuz, y’know, he was in the middle of teaching a class. LOL Anyway, I poked my head in and said, “Wassup, mang?” He said, “I think there’s something wrong with this projector here, can you come take a look at it? Kidding!” I laughed and said, “Haha, I ain’t fixin’ it!” Silly banter, yes, but what was really funny was watching the entire class swivel their heads back and forth as we were talking. The looks on their faces was priceless. “What the heck is this all about?” Good times. . .

Oh, my financial aid finally came through. Talk about down to the wire, my tuition for UTA summer school is freakin’ due TODAY. That was definitely a close one. I feel a whole lot better now that I know that money is coming to me soon enough. I’m about to have to drop 160 bucks on my stupid Spanish book, so anything I can get will be a lifesaver. Ugh, stupid textbooks.

Dang, I’m really tired. I need some caffeine.

Photo Booth Shot of the Day:

Im in ur space, invadin ur doodz.

I'm in ur space, invadin ur doodz.

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