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The REAL Best Part.

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this. But I’m okay with that, because Jenn totally deserves her own entry for this.

When I was plugging the big connection into the motherboard (the biggest plug in this picture), I ran into a snag. The connection in the motherboard was a 20-pin, but the plug on the new power supply had 24 pins. I got SO pissed off when I realized this, because it was not going to fit because of the layout of the motherboard.

Then Jenn came up and looked at the plug and said, “It looks like this section flips back.”

I took it from her, and sure enough there was a section of four pins that looked separated from the rest of the plug. I pulled on that segment a bit, and it snapped right back, and I was able to remove it entirely from the rest of the plug. After that, it fit like a glove.

Yep, my babygirl totally called it. She’s such a pro. πŸ™‚

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