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That’s what my coworker says instead of “defrag.” I think I’ll stick a couple of other quotes of his in here that he says as I’m typing this.

My goodness, is it Friday yet? This week has just been like pullin’ teeth for me. There’s been some kind of problematic problem every single day, be it with a computer, or seventeen computers, or an irate teacher. Right now, there seems to be a reasonable amount of calm. I’m able to sit here and type this entry, which is a nice little bit of respite in an otherwise wacky day. Oh, shout out to Kilo for joining my ever-growing list of daily readers. I think I’m up to three now. WHAT UP, PLAYA.

“How you spell ‘corral?’ Ihdat wit a ‘o’ or a ‘a?'”

I’m really sore right now. I think I slept funky last night, because I woke up with a pretty nasty stiff back. I was having little back spasms every time I’d bend over just the slightest bit to do anything. It’s better now, since I’ve been on the move nonstop here at work and have had a chance to stretch everything out. But now my arms are hurting a bit, too, though I think it’s just because I strained them a bit pulling a couple of mobile lab carts earlier.

“Ooooh, she gotta vah-rus on hura!”

Those suckers are way heavier than they look, even the smaller models. Kids are never in a hurry to get out of my way in the hall. It’s only after they get accidentally smacked with the corner of a cart that they realize the cart is roughly twice as heavy as they are… And that happens pretty often. I think it’s funny, personally. I always warn them, but they almost never listen. As a consequence, *whack*!

“Das stoopid! Why she wunna know dat PIN numbah? Jus stoopid.”

I got to go to choir last night with Jenn, since I’m off from school for a couple weeks. I love getting to go whenever I can, and I look forward to being able to attend regularly after I graduate. I love hearing those people sing, it’s just awesome. They’re working on a couple of gorgeous songs right now, and I can’t wait to hear them in church. We (orchestra) are playing with them next Sunday for a special performance, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.

“Now… WHY they do dat? Explain dat to me, Collinz. Why you think they do dat?”

Oh, speaking of graduating, I got my grades for this past semester today. Passed everything okay, including Trig. Know what that means?


Photo Booth Shot of the Day:

CRAP! WHO OPENED THAT DOOOOoooooorrrr.......

CRAP! WHO OPENED THAT DOOOOoooooorrrr.......

  1. May 21, 2009 at 1:46 pm

    Friday can not come soon enough! as i sit in my cubicle lol

  2. May 21, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    thanks for the shout out bruvva

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