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1.5 Years To Go.

Ugh. Finally done with this semester. The Reformation final was pretty rough, especially the essay. But I think I managed to pass it, and I’m very sure I passed the course. The essay kinda threw me for a loop. For some reason I didn’t think to study much on the Council of Trent. Who knew? But anyway, that was indeed my last final for this semester, so I’m free for a whopping two weeks until summer school starts. UTA in the morning and TCC in the evening. Gonna be pretty wild, but it’s what I gotta do, foo. And hey, after this summer, I’ll have just one year left and I will be the special degree’d edition of Big C Harvey. For that matter, the married edition, too. LOL! Exciting times, my friend, exciting times.

So, I posted that goofy Photoshop’d picture of me, Chris Giddens, and Steve Witt as Green Lanterns the other day, because Steve is holding a contest over on his blog to make him look “AWESOME!” Steve’s a huge Green Lantern fan (more so than myself), so I couldn’t resist cooking that up. I also made another one today. It’s Steve as Gimli the dwarf from Lord of the Rings:

And MY axe(s)!

"And MY axe(s)!"

Whether or not I win, I’m having fun with this. Steve is so easily Photoshop’d into just about any scene. Here’s one I did a while back:

That's a Nerf dart in his mouth.

That's a Nerf dart in his mouth.

See? Too easy.

Anyhoo, tonight should be a fun evening. Jenn and I are going to Outlaw’s to celebrate my completion of this semester, then we’re going to spend the rest of the evening painting the quarter rounds white, so they’ll be dry by the time they’re ready to be installed with the hardwood floors on Saturday. YAY, hardwood floors on Saturday! I can’t wait, they’re gonna look so freakin’ snazzy in her house. Very exciting.

Photo Booth Shot of the Day:

Bee Arr Bee

Bee Arr Bee

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