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A Heavenly Chorus.

That’s what I heard when I went into the stock room of the new LEGO Retail Store in Frisco last night. So… much… LEGO. It was beautiful.

Now, why didn’t I take any pictures? Your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway, yeah, Jenn and I went out to Stonebriar Centre last night to drop off the models I had to build for the store displays. Got to see the store in its incomplete form, which was still pretty sweet. All the sets were out on the shelves and the Pick-A-Brick was stocked (same stock as the Houston store, dangit). Basically, the center of the store wasn’t done, and neither was the front window displays. Still a lot of work to be done, but I’m sure it’ll all be ready by the time the store is supposed to open on Thursday. We’re going out there on Friday, and I’m going to volunteer during the big building event they’re gonna have to celebrate the grand opening. Basically, kids who want to participate use bricks to build a single large brick, which is then used to help a LEGO Master Builder build an eight foot tall statue of R2-D2 out in the court in front of Dillard’s. Should be pretty fun.

I just found out that the inventory sheets I’m supposed to do for my computer labs are due tomorrow. So umm… I’ll be right back.

… Apparently pressing “Save Draft” equates to publishing it on the blog. Awesome. Anyway, I gotta few minutes while my laptop brings up my inventory list, so I’ll wrap this up.

So after we hung out at the LEGO Store for a while, Jenn and I walked around the mall a bit and took in the sights. Drove around for a bit after that looking for something Mexican to eat for dinner. Finally found an On The Border, so we had some yum-yums there. And on the way home we got some ice cream from Braums, which was quite the delicious treat.

I’ve got my World Civ final tonight, and my Reformation final tomorrow night. Then I’m done for a couple weeks until summer school starts. I’m definitely looking forward to having a few evenings where I can just sit back and relax immediately after work for once. Yay!

Photo Booth Shot of the Day:

My nose is hawt.

My nose is hawt.

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