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Mmmm….. chikin.

So, in case you didn’t know, Oprah gave away coupons for free meals at KFC, in an effort to get people out there to try their new grilled chicken. So you’d go to unthinkfc.com (don’t bother, the download time has expired), print out this coupon, and take it to KFC to get your free meal. Pretty sweet, huh?

Well, not so much. Apparently there have been a lot of issues all over the place with KFC not accepting certain coupons. Apparently, the coupon is generated with a new UPC every time someone downloads it, in order to avoid counterfeiting (mmmm, counterfeit chikin…). BUT, for some reason, at one point the coupon was offered as a downloadable PDF… so you have a bunch of people with the exact same UPC trying to use their coupons. So, because of this, many KFCs stopped accepting any coupons ending in 1234, much to the displeasure of many patrons. Apparently there have been screaming customers, screaming managers, sit-ins, and drive-by cow-tossings. That last one was a lie. But long story short, a whole lotta people are pissed over a really stupid promotion that obviously wasn’t thought through very well. Never underestimate the lure of some good chicken, people. They should know better.

Despite all the problems, you should see the crowds… the offer doesn’t actually expire until the 19th (“excluding Mother’s Day, May 10, 2009“), but they were still out in droves last night. Jenn and I tried to go to a local KFC joint for dinner at around 8:00 last night. After we finally managed to find parking spaces, we then proceeded to go to Whataburger instead. I’m pretty sure there were about eighteen different fire codes being violated, due the crush of people in that blessed restaurant. It was RIDICULOUS. And what’s really hilarious is that most of those people probably have the PDF coupon, which means they will probably be there EVERY NIGHT until the 19th (“excluding Mother’s Day, May 10, 2009“) using multiple copies of the coupon. What a mess, huh?

At any rate, Oprah’s website (or as I like to call it, the altar to the false god) is now saying that the PDF coupons WILL be accepted now. So I’m gonna go try my luck at the KFC by work here in a couple hours. And I tell you what, after all this, if this ain’t the best grilled chikin I’ve ever had in my life, I’m gonna laugh hysterically…. Which means I’ma go ahead and go strap on my laughin’ shoes.

*whew* Anyway, dead week’s just about done. We’re reviewing in Western Civ and *shudder* Trig tonight, and then that’s it until finals. My Trig final is from 12-2:30… THIS SATURDAY. Frickin’… whose idea was that!? I mean, on the bright side, I can go ahead and get it out of the way, so I can go study for my other finals. But on the down side, it’s MATH. On a SATURDAY. Frickin’…

Oh, there is another bright side. My History of US Law teacher decided last night that we weren’t going to have a final in there. So we had a class discussion about modern US Law, and we all got A’s for our final grades. Woo-Hoo!!! She’s notorious for doing that, so I’m not totally surprised. She gave us a take-home final in my Ancient Egypt class last semester, which was almost as awesome as not having to take a final at all. So yeah, that’s one less class to worry about next week. One less essay to write too, thank goodness. Reformation and Western Civ will both have essay portions, though, so my writing hand will probably be dead to the world after Wednesday night.

Bought mine and Jenn’s tickets for Star Trek tomorrow night. I have no idea who all is coming with us, though I’ve invited a lot of people. Hopefully plenty of them will be joining us, it’s gonna be a blastyblast!

Photo Booth Shot of the Day:

Teacher Appreciation Brekfust! Nomz!

Teacher Appreciation Brekfust! Nomz!

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