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Sink-oh day My-oh.

Well, hi there.

Sorry I haven’t blogged the past couple days. Friday was the proverbial pits. Spent the entire day in the foreign language labs working on the ancient Windows 98 machines, making sure they were all ready for the AP Spanish Testing that is going on today (which I’m supervising right now, in case tech support is needed). There were numerous epic failures to deal with, but we got just about all of them up and running for today. I’m watching the kids start their testing right now, and so far things seem to be running smoothly. They have to listen to some dude yak at them in Spanish via a recording on the master console, then answer some multiple choice questions. Later on, there’s a conversation portion where they have to talk to a pre-recorded person using their headsets. The fun part will be having them save the mp3 files and turn them in, so I can burn them to CD to be graded. Hopefully they’ll be able to save them across the network properly!

Anyway, other than this wackiness, things are going okay. Jenn and I spent the entire weekend painting the living room and hallway of her house. Misty, Colin, and Jenn’s mom all helped us out on Saturday, which was really cool. Jenn and I really got to have a lot of bonding time this weekend while working, which made everything so much more fun. 🙂 I’ll have pics from the painting experience up soon as I can.

I had yesterday off for Cinco (Cuatro) de Mayo, which was really nice. Got to sleep in a little late, and I went up to Jenn’s school to see her and her crazy kids in the afternoon. We even got to have a Subway date before I had to go to UTA, which was awesome. I love when we’re able to eat dinner together during the week. It helps both of us feel so much better when we’re able to do that.

This week is dead week at UTA. Finals are next week, so it’s the calm before the storm. I’m praying that I pull through all my courses okay. I’m feeling pretty confident about them all, so hopefully everything will work out.

Oh, and we’re going to see Star Trek on Friday at Studio Movie Grill. Woo-Hoo!

No Photo Booth Shot of the Day for today, since I’m not using the iMac in my office today. So instead, here’s a picture of Captain Kirk after eating too many tamales:



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