This week has just been insane. I’ve got computers dropping like flies left and right. And I’ve got teachers getting all tense because it’s Junior Theme season, which doesn’t help much. I’m so stressed, it’s ridiculous. The retreat we’re going to this weekend cannot come soon enough.

One bright spot in my day today… Had a couple of teachers at each other’s throats earlier, because one signed up the wrong way to use a computer lab, and the other read it the wrong way and signed up for the exact same time. So when he goes down there with his class, she’s already in there with her class. They apparently argued, and she refused to let him use the lab. Yikes.

Well, had this happened yesterday, the guy would’ve been screwed. But as luck would have it, right as he called, I had ONE mobile lab cart get freed up from the schedule. The timing couldn’t have been better. So I hiked down to the other end of the school where his classroom is (probably the longest walk I’ve made while pushing a mobile lab) and delivered it to him. He shook my hand and said I saved his life. LOL So yeah, that was a nice little upper for an otherwise dreadful week. I pray that things continue to smooth out for the next couple of days…

In other news, check out this report about the Sun’s recent activity (or lack thereof). Apparently it’s really messing with scientists’ big brainy brains, because this period of super-low activity was just completely unscheduled. I think it’s cool, personally. Back in the 17th century, there was a period of low activity that lasted 70 years and caused a mini Ice Age. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for some more snow days. Haha!

Photo Booth Shot of the Day:

Im going to start going to classrooms with this look on my face.

I'm going to start going to classrooms with this look on my face. 'WHUDJA BRAKE?'

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