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When the rain comes…

Yay, rain!

Love me a good downpour. Nothing like it, I say. Cleans the sinuses, cleans the car, cleans my mind. I love walking out and smelling that first hint of storm on the horizon.

…Okay, got that out of my system. I do hope the rain isn’t too bad tomorrow. We’re supposed to be going up to Lake Lewisville for a crawfish boil that an ex-coworker/friend of mine is hosting. Guess we’ll see what happens.

TGIF, friends. I’m ready party down with my bad self. Yesterday, as you could tell from my post, was not the most awesomest day ever. Long story short (because I can’t get too into the story in a public setting such as this), my coworker and another employee got into a rather heated argument about something. Neither side was totally right or totally wrong, and since it pertained to something that happened last year, it didn’t apply to me. Needless to say, I was unnecessarily involved, because when the other guy came in to talk to my coworker, I was literally sitting right in between them. So as I’m sitting there doing inventory and upgrades to one of my mobile labs, these guys are arguing around my head. Yeah, AWKWARD!

But anyway, it’s pretty much over and done with for now. It wouldn’t surprise me if they butt heads again later on, but I’ll deal with that as it happens.

Oh, I’ve been reading a new blog called Survive The Apocalypse. It’s basically a blog full of obvious things you should know how to do in the event of a worldwide catastrophe, but never think to learn until it’s too late. Pretty interesting read. It’s serious, but it’s also kinda tongue-in-cheek about certain things. Go give it a look-see when you get a chance. Bit of language, though, so be careful about who’s reading over your shoulder. One of my favorite parts is an equipment checklist that the guy offers. He puts numbers next to them, 1 being least important and 5 being a critical need:

• Gun (5) <– That’s actually at least how many I’d like to own, too. LOL
• Army Issue Mittens (4)
• Gas Mask (1)
• Dust Mask (5)
• Goggles (4)
• Russian Bomber Hat (3)
• Down Coat (5)
• Crank Flashlight (3)
• Phillips and Standard screwdriver (5)
• Collapsable Saw (5)
• Adjustible Wrench (5)
• Can-opener (3)
• Long Underwear (5)
• Wool Socks (5)
• Harmonica (2)
• Hunting Knife (4)
• Leatherman (2)
• Canteen for Water (5)
• Canteen for Fuel (5)
• Pump Water Purifier (3)
• Compass (5)
• Iodine Tablets (4)
• Small Radio (2)
• First Aid Kit (4)

I know it’s a pretty wacky thing to think about, but it does make sense to have all this stuff handy. Mind you, I’m hoping that should such an apocalyptic scenario occur, all us Christians will already be safe in the Lord’s arms before we ever even need such things. But it’s entirely possible that a disaster could happen at a time before He’s ready to call us home! I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but I do plan on making kits at some point for Jenn, me, and our future kiddos. The way things are going these days (ohai, Israel), you can never be too careful.

Photo Booth Shot of the Day:

Only guns I need are RIGHT HERE!  O YEEAAHHH!

Only guns I need are RIGHT HERE! O YEEAAHHH!

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