Mercy. This morning is off to a S-L-O-W start. It’s barely 9:00, and I’m already bored out of my wits. This job drives me crazy.

Back to school last night. US Law was as scattered and silly as ever. Reformation was not quite as boring as usual (talked about John Calvin), but it still seems like that class gets longer and longer every night. You should see the doodles in the margins of my notes for that class. Doodles GALORE, my friends. Sometimes I flip back to old pages, and I’m like, “… I don’t remember drawing that.” There’s this one little doodle I did of an “Odyssey”-style Cyclops with a big horn coming out of the top of his head. It’s actually pretty good, considering I don’t spend much time doodling outside of this class. And before you ask, I have absolutely no idea why I drew a Cyclops in a class about the Reformation.

So hopefully the CD with our engagement portraits will arrive in the mail today or tomorrow. I’m really excited about getting this CD, because the images are COMPLETELY copyright-free. We can print as much as we want and post them wherever we want without having to worry about copyright issues. That was the main reason I initially agreed with Jenn about getting FACES by Jessica to do our portraits. I don’t think there are very many photographers who agree to do that, especially for the price she asks. We’ve already decided that we will be bringing her up here to do the photography for Jenn’s bridal portraits and our wedding pictures. So awesome.

Whoop, there’s the bell to end 5th period. Maybe the day will go by a little faster now. … I don’t know why or if the end of 5th period signals a faster day, mind you, but here’s hoping.

I’m struggling really hard to find something else to write about. I keep looking around as if something on my desk will inspire me. Water bottles, broken CD-ROM drives, Batman notepad, and two laptops. … Yeah, I got nothing.

I also like to draw random treble and bass clefs. Like, over and over again. It’s really weird.

Photo Booth Shot of the Day:



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