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I just got an email from Networking…

The need has arisen for us to block a category of web sites from internet access in the district. The category is titled (by WebSense, our internet filter manufacturer) as “Social Networking and Personal Sites”. facebook.com and myspace.com are just a couple of the sites under this category. In the past we have blocked these types of sites on an individual basis because we are not allowed to view all of the web sites listed in a category, therefore we don’t know what else it may block. However, blocking sites individually also allows for the more sophisticated sites to provide workarounds to our filter.

This email is to inform you we plan to block this category beginning tomorrow (Wednesday) at 2:00pm. If a previously unblocked, legitimate-for-educational-use, website becomes blocked after 2pm tomorrow, please submit a help request and we will unblock the individual website. It is important that you provide the actual URL (www web address) for us to expedite unblocking the site.

Thanks for your assistance in this matter.

Which likely means no more Twitter on the computer, for one thing. But I have a bad feeling that instituting a new block may have an impact on other sites I visit during downtime, including this one. Might have to start blogging from school in the afternoons. A minor inconvenience, but I guess I’ll have to live with it. I’ll let you know tomorrow if it happens…

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