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Headaches, & A Bad Ray Charles Impression.

So, I lost it a little this morning, because I woke up with yet another headache. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve been getting a lot more headaches lately. They usually feel like sinus headaches, but I think there’s an underlying stress issue. Between the new job I have this year, on top of taking twelve hours of school and doing my best to save money for the honeymoon, I think it’s starting to affect my health and my sleep. I go back to the doctor soon to make sure everything’s okay with my BP med, so I plan on talking to her about the possibility of taking something to help the headaches.

Other than that, I guess I’m doing okay. Didn’t really want my 3.5 day weekend to end, especially since I’ve come back to a very grumpy coworker. Nothing new there, though. I just keep telling myself that there’s only four more weeks until mine and Jenn’s trip to San Antonio for Spring Break. I get more and more excited about that every day. 🙂

Oh, as for my bad Ray Charles Impression… Turns out it’s a good thing that I decided not to blow 20 bucks on sunglasses at Walgreen’s on Sunday. I went to the adaptive P.E. classroom this morning to visit, and Trevor (one of the TA’s that works with Mark) was in there giving away sunglasses that he won at an auction at Six Flags (he works there). Apparently, they do an auction at the end of every season, selling off all the stuff that doesn’t get claimed from the Lost and Found. He bought a 40-gallon trash bag full of name-brand sunglasses for 50 bucks. Unfortunately, he took all the good ones for himself and family (Oakley, etc.), but I managed to find me some Solar Shield sunglasses that fit over my glasses. The result?…

Photo Booth Shot of the Day:



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