Epoch Time

So, I thought this was interesting in a very nerdy way.

On Friday, February 13th 2009, 23:31:30 UTC (that’s around 5:31 PM for those of us in the Central timezone), it will be exactly 1,234,567,890 seconds since the beginning of Epoch Time, which was on midnight of January 1, 1970. If you want to nerd out and get more information about it, check out this website. Personally, I just think it’s cool that we’re gonna hit that number. Not cool enough to warrant throwing a giant nerd party, mind you. But it’s still pretty neat.

Anyway, nice day today. I have a Trig test tonight, which kinda sucks. Not that big a deal though, because my Western Civ class got canceled, which means I’ll have at least three hours to study tonight before the test. Maybe four, if I get off work quick enough.

Oh, and my headache’s finally gone! It was either because I slept really well last night, or the BC powder stayed in my system long enough to work once I settled down for the night (I took one at 3:00 and another around 7:40). It’s my first time trying the stuff, and it looks like it may be my new favorite over ibuprofen. It doesn’t even taste quite as bad as everyone says it does. I can tolerate it quite well.

Guess that’s it for now…

Photo Booth Shot of the Day:

Its a Kaleidoscope of Collin!  Fun for all ages!  But not really!

It's a Kaleidoscope of Collin! Fun for all ages! But not really!

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