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I thought I was rid of this headache, but it came roaring back in full force this morning. Can’t concentrate enough to write a good entry today. Bleh, this doesn’t bode well for the quiz I have in my Reformation class tonight. A coworker told me today to try a special trick where you pour BC Powder under your tongue and let it slowly dissolve as you sip water. Supposedly it works better that way. I’m going to stop at Walgreen’s on the way to school and get some to try that. I’ve been meaning to try BC regardless, so I hope it works.

Oh, and we ran out of yellow toner for the color printer in one of my labs this morning. A teacher complained, so we had to frantically search for some all over the district. Luckily, we found some at the tech support Annex, so I had to drive across town to pick it up.

Yes, I drove across town. To get yellow toner.

Yaaaay, work.

…I really can’t wait to start teaching.

Photo Booth Shot of the Day:

Sorry, had chili today.

Sorry, had chili today.

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