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YAY FRAHDY/Disciple Now

Walp, Tee Gee Eye Eff, friends. This hasn’t been the most hectic of weeks, but it was enough to make me more than happy to see it end.

This Friday in particular is a big one, because it kicks off Disciple Now at my church. D-Now is basically a retreat of sorts for members of our Youth Group, along with any of their friends they invite to come along. They’re split up into groups according to grade level and gender, and host families volunteer their homes to be used for groups to stay in with the group leader and co-host. I’m a co-host this year for the eigth grade boys, which should be a lot of fun. Matt, the youth minister, asked me to be a leader. I was pretty flattered that he asked, but since I’ve had absolutely zero experience whatsoever doing D-Now, I asked him if I could co-host instead this year. I did promise him that I’ll be a leader next year, though. At any rate, I’m very excited about this weekend. It’s gonna be a blast. 🙂 Jenn’s really excited, too. She’s the leader for the sixth grade girls, which is a group that she absolutely adores, so she can’t wait to have some fun with them.

Oh, and in other news, I love Etta James.

Currently listening to: “Come On Back To Me” by Third Day

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