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“Somewhere in the middle, you’ll find me.”

Casting Crowns is awesome.

I’m having one of those mornings where I’m just like, “Feh.” Don’t you hate those? There’s just… nothing there. You want to have thoughts in your brain, but they just don’t come to fruition. It’s frustrating sometimes, especially when I’m wanting to post a blog entry!

Ah. Okay, I got something now.

School was fun last night. Some of you know that I am a non-paying quasi-member of the Heritage Foundation, in that I get the email newsletters and surveys in the mail that I never fill out. Oh, side note: Back about two months before the election, my dad called me up and said, “I am SO sorry! I think I just got you blacklisted with the Heritage Foundation!” He went on to explain that he was veggin’ on the couch, when the phone rang. He checked the caller ID, and it said “Heritage Foundation.” Well, he knew that I was getting involved with them, but he’s got a goofy sense of humor, so he decided to try to make them laugh by answering the phone like this:

“Barack Obama Party Headquarters! How can I help you?”

All he got in response was: “*click*” LOL! Anyway, he apologized and said that he hoped he didn’t get me trouble. Didn’t really bother me personally, though. I thought it was hilarious.

Anyway, back to my original story. Last night in my History of US Law class, the conversation came around to the Articles of Confederation. In case you didn’t know, the Articles were the precursor to our Declaration of Independence. Well, Dr. Clark just randomly asked how many of us have actually read the entire Declaration and/or the Constitution.

Noooobody raised their hand. And no, I didn’t raise mine. I’ve read them both, but I was totally not in the mood to be the only nerd in the classroom that night. Anyway, needless to say, she was shocked. A room full of History majors, and nobody had read these documents! Well, then she asked if anyone had a copy of either document.

Big C to the rescue, straight up. I reached down in my bag and produced my very own copy of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, put together in convenient pocket-sized booklet form by the Heritage Foundation:



(BTW, lucky you, that is NOT my Photo Booth Shot of the Day)

She saw me hold it up, and she gasped and said, “Oh! A man after my own heart!” Got a little red at that remark. But anyway, she read the entire Declaration to us, and I was the hero of the evening. It was awesome.

History of the Reformation wasn’t quite as exciting after that, needless to say. I aced the quiz and used my awesome digital voice recorder for the first time that my future mother-in-law got me for Christmas. But other than that, it was the same ol’ “meh” class. Dr. Reinhardt seems like a sweet lady. But as a teacher, she is way too monotone and dull.

Things to look forward to tonight:
• Laughing at Dr. Kyle, the curmudgeony old Canadian.
• Getting a headache in Trig, even though it’s not a hard class so far.
• Going home and eating leftover garlic parmesan wings for dinner.
• Smooching my sweetie pie with garlic parmesan breath, cuz that’s how I roll.

Currently listening to: “Nothing At All” by Third Day

Photo Booth Shot of the Day:



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