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Ice, Ice, Bay-bay. . .

Welp, classes are canceled at UTA tonight due the impending ice storm of DOOOOOOOOM. Yay! I’m so glad, I don’t think I could handle my Trig class tonight. So boring.

Now, we just need ye olde Arlington Independent School District to have early dismissal. Srsly, they say it’s gonna get bad. So how ’bout it, kids? Can we go home before we has a Skidfest 2009 out on the roads?

Dangit. I was going to post a neat little video that Jenn and I did, but WordPress doesn’t embed Flickr videos. That’s not cool. Google Video and YouTube are blocked at work, so I can’t use them here. I guess I could just post the link. The story behind it is that Jenn, her mom, and Misty went to the Dallas Bridal Show last Saturday, and there was this company there that will come to your reception and make flip books for people as their favors. It’s pretty sweet, but obviously too expensive for us to use. At any rate, they did a flip book for free, and Jenn and I collaborated to capture it on video. Here it be:

Flippity Dippity!

Currently listening to: “The Fields Of Pelennor” from “The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King.”

Photo Booth Shot of the Day:

Need go home now plzkthxbai

Need go home now plzkthxbai

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