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Back in the UTTA, Part II…

Had my other two classes last night, History of US Law and History of the Reformation. US Law should be a lot of fun. Dr. Clark was in rare form as always, and it seems like all but a couple of students in that class have had her for past classes. In other words, even though it’s a class at a big ol’ university, just about everyone knows each other in some capacity. Makes facilitating classroom conversation a heckuva lot easier. 🙂

Reformation should be an interesting class. I say that based solely on the information I’ll learn in the class, but not much else. I’m a little pissed that laptops aren’t allowed for this class, because the teacher thinks it’ll be a “distraction,” cuz we’re all on Facebook and not paying attention to her. What a crock, right?


In other news, tomorrow’s Friday. Jenn and I are staying home and being cheap and good on our diets. Keep praying for us, we need all the encouragement we can get.

Oh, and Jenn’s singing in church on Sunday! She’s singing “For The Beauty Of The Earth.” It’s this really sweet arrangement that kinda has a big of a highland-ish vibe to it. It’s so pretty, I can’t wait for her to sing it in front of everyone. My baby’s got the voice of an angel.

Currently listening to: “Deep Down Ascend” by Apocalyptica.

Photo Booth Shot of the Day:

I need to see some ID, maam.

I need to see some ID, ma'am.

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