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Back in the UTTA…

Well, it’s just UTA, but anyway….

Spring semester started for me last night with History of Civilization and… Trigonometry. How’s that for an odd couple? Anyway, History of Civilization (which shall henceforth be known as World Civ) looks to be a pretty fun class. Dr. Kyle is a curmudgeonly old Canadian whose got a wicked sense of humor, and he made a point to announce that he does plan on personally insulting each and every one of us on an individual basis before the semester is over. That pretty much means I think he’s awesome.

Trig looks to be… interesting. My teacher is one Yizeng Li, an aging Asian gentleman who has a very difficult accent. He was somewhat easy to understand last night when we started the basics of Trig, but I foresee some trouble understanding him at some point. On the bright side, focusing on what he’s trying to say to us will definitely keep me awake for the whole class.

Tonight I have my other two classes, and they should both be fun. I had Dr. Clark for Ancient Egypt last semester, and this semester I have her for History of US Law. That should prove to be much more interesting than Egypt, chiefly because she’s actually a pre-law student herself. She’s already sent out an email to the class telling us to watch out, cuz she’s THOOPER EXCITED about this class. She also said to make sure to add her as a MySpace friend, which I already did last semester.

My other class is on the Reformation, taught by Dr. Reinhardt. Don’t know much about her, but busting out the ol’ theses should prove to be fun. But generally, I’m pretty excited about all these classes. Heck, I’m even a little excited about Trig, just because it’s something a little different to break up all the History stuff. And it’s in Pickard Hall, which is a really cool triangular building, so I find that kind of funny.

Also, it’s nice to be taking just twelve hours of class. Taking fifteen hours last semester was nuts, and I REALLY hated having a 3:30 class that I had to rush to right after work every other day. This semester, it’s just straight 5:30 to 8:20 every night Monday through Thursday. Nice and simple. I just hope I’m able to have fun and not get too stressed out about it, especially going to school every night after dealing with stuff here at work.

Oh, and the best part? After this semester, I have one more year of classes, and I’ll FINALLY get my degree!!! There will be some tears shed that day, my friends, trust me.

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